October 2016 Wrap-Up

I was hoping for a better reading month, yet I still only read two books in October. However, I did find a new favorite book, which makes me incredibly happy!

Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini 3/5

This YA trilogy was one of the most original and unexpectedly weird (in the best possible way) books I have ever read.

The world building is very thorough, the magic system – simply brilliant. I loved the idea of willstones and I loved that I have never seen anything like that in books before. I found it surprising that these books have some brutal scenes, especially considering that they are YA. I did appreciate it, though. Some things felt very uncomfortable or emotionally hard to read about.

I enjoyed the characters and their dynamic, especially Lily and Lillian’s. I absolutely love how people communicate in this world and everything that this communication entails – seeing each other’s memories, flashbacks of the past, being able to look through each other’s eyes and literally put oneself in another’s shoes.

Although I obviously had some problems with this book (clichéd YA tropes, miscommunication, a rushed ending), I enjoyed this trilogy a lot, and would recommend it to anyone who loves YA literature, but is getting bored by conventional magic systems and bad guys.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake 5/5

Three Dark Crowns surprised me – I have not enjoyed a YA book this much in a while. There are so many different series being written now, but I feel like most of them are very alike. This, though, stood out to me.

Firstly, the premise of three young women (triplets) who have to fight to the death until only one of them remains to become the queen. Secondly, the magic system that is divided into three types: poisoners, elementals and naturalists.

I enjoyed the characters a lot. Each sister had very interesting people surrounding them, and I would have liked to know more about some of them, but I feel like they will be flushed out better in the later books. I really hope that we will get to see more history and understand some people’s reasoning better. The biggest surprise, though, was that I expected to like one sister more than the others. I thought that one of them will be “the good one”, and I will root for her, but that did not happen, as I liked and felt for all of them. That plot twist at the end was not completely unexpected, but so, so great! I cannot wait to read the sequel!


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