#AYEARATHON – June 1-7: Finish/Catch Up on a Series

A #YEARATHON is this wonderful thing I stumbled upon on Goodreads, and when I saw the June theme, I knew: IT IS TIME. Time to finally introduce myself to Sarah J Maas. So, my very ambitious goal of the June 1-7 #ayearathon is to start/catch up on Throne of Glass series.

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  • Pages read: 128
  • Books read: 0

I’ve read first 128 pages of Throne of Glass, and I must say I am enjoying it so far. I cannot say I am hooked quite yet, but I can see why people like this series so much. Sarah J Maas’ writing does not read like YA; it reads more like a high fantasy. And it features intricate court politics, curious mysteries and a subtle hint of magic – what more could a girl ask for? A girl could ask for entertaining characters, that’s what – good thing there are a whole bunch of them. Starting with an 18-year-old sassy assassin with a vulnerable side, an eccentric prince, a dignified Captain of the Guard, and finishing with an insufferable princess and dreadful Ladies of the Court.


  • Pages read: 276 (Total: 404)
  • Books read: 1

I can’t believe I actually managed to finish Throne of Glass. I gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads and I will be writing a review as soon as I have the time. But, OH MY, this book! I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but, thankfully, it did – it is a captivating read full of unusual, amusing and intriguing characters, engaging storyline, and fascinating world. And even though you are pretty sure about the ending right at the beginning, it’s the stuff in between that keeps you reading, because, as I mentioned before, Sarah J Maas is an excellent storyteller.


  • Pages read: 204 (Total: 608)
  • Books read: 1

On Wednesday I continued on with the Throne of Glass series and managed to read almost half of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas. Right now I am liking this book a little less than Throne of Glass, because 200+ pages into it, the direction this book is taking plot-wise seems a little bit confusing, and the new characters don’t seem very interesting. The first book had this relatively fast-paced quest and some mysteries to solve, while this one kind of drags a bit. I thought that the assassin will have some heavier duties. I do like that we get more and more glimpses of Celaena’s background – she is such a fascinating character! Though I am pretty sure I already guessed some more facts about her history that hadn’t been revealed yet.


  • Pages read: 229 (Total: 837)
  • Books read: 2

I finished Crown of Midnight and started Heir of Fire. The sequel to Throne of Glass definitely picked up in the second half of the book – I could not stop reading it! I was telling myself “Just one more chapter… just one more chapter” and then I ran out of pages and had to start the next one. Oh the webs Sarah J Maas weaves… I mentioned previously that I might have guessed some facts about Celaena’s background – and I was right. My mind wasn’t blown at that “cliffhanger” in the end, because I feel like a lot of foreshadowing was done and it clicked for me quite early in the book. I would have rated it 4/5 for the first half, but it is a solid 5/5 after finishing it. I am officially addicted to this story and these characters.


  • Pages read: 63 (Total: 900)
  • Books read: 2

Friday turned out to be not the best day for reading for some reason, but I still managed to catch up on a little bit of Heir of Fire. I find that the beginning is quite slow-paced, and switching between perspectives does not help get into reading. But judging by the first two books in the series, soon I won’t be able to put this one down and I can’t wait to see what happens.


  • Pages read: 124 (Total: 1024)
  • Books read: 2

I am reading through this series so fast that I never stopped to consider that the next book comes out only in September. I so don’t want to wait for it! Heir of Fire seems all over the place for now, main characters being on different continents and all. I am enjoying this book immensely, but I can’t wait for it all to tie together.


  • Pages read: 203 (Total: 1227)
  • Books read: 2

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish Heir of Fire in time. Even though I probably could have read those last 200 pages, I really didn’t want to rush through it, because it is such an amazing and thrilling read! I will be finishing it in the next couple of days, because I’ve ordered A Court of Thorns and Roses and it should come any day. I need more Sarah J Maas in my life, thank you.


A total of 1227 pages read and 2 books finished. I am really happy with my reading progress of the past week, and I am even more happy that I finally got to read Sarah J Maas! Throne of Glass is such a great series. It reads like an epic fantasy worth of George R. R. Martin with its intricate plot, multidimensional characters, beautiful descriptions and abundance of dark secrets.


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