Bout of Books Wrap-Up

I would have liked nothing more than to read my time away, but Bout of Books week was the week where I had to work for 12-16 hours every day (so not fair!).  So I think I did pretty good, considering.


286 pages read

I really looked forward to finishing Station Eleven, and I am really glad I managed to do at least that. I LOVED it! There’s this blurb at the beginning that says this book is “darkly glittering”, and I couldn’t possibly describe it better. It’s an amazing book for reading minds tired of paranormal/supernatural post-apocalyptic novels. This end-of-the-world feels like it is actually possible, and it is a little scary.


177 pages read

I’ve heard good things about this book and especially its writing, and, oh my, it is so, so beautiful! The writing is so poetic, and descriptive, and such a pleasure to read! For a book that deals with such hard topics, its elevated language dilutes the subject a little, so it is less heavy, and more gratifying.

So, a total of 463 pages read and 1 book finished. Very unimpressive, I know. But I must say that if not for the readathon, I probably would not have read a single page, so thanks, Bout of Books!


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