Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Georgie McCool is a TV writer looking for her big break. So when the opportunity knocks, she does not think twice about it, even though it might mean ruining her marriage. Two days before she and her husband Neal are supposed to visit Neal’s parents for Christmas, Georgie tells Neal that she cannot go. Neal takes the kids and goes without her and Georgie wonders if this is the thing that will finally irreversibly ruin her relationship with her husband. Neal does not take her calls; but Georgie soon discovers a way to communicate with Neal in the past.

Rating: 5/5

Landline is a very entertaining, romantic, light-hearted story full of amusing, playful dialogues, vivid flashbacks and whimsical characters. As Georgie communicates with the Past Neal, she remembers the little things that were forgotten over the years. She remembers why she fell in love with him. She remembers their time together and starts to feel that she made the wrong decision not going on holiday with her family, putting her work first.

I take for granted that you’ll be there when I’m done doing whatever it is I’m doing. I take for granted that you’ll love me no matter what.

Even though the book deals with Past and Present selves of the characters, it is in no way a book about time travel. The means of communicating to the past – the magic phone – is never explained. It is just a means to nudge Georgie in the right direction, making her stop taking her family for granted and try to care less about her career. And by the end of the story you are left with a very real feeling that things do happen for a reason!

It is a great book for Christmas time. It is also great for people who might be struggling with their own relationships, because it puts things in perspective.

Nobody’s lives just fit together. Fitting together is something you work at. It’s something you make happen – because you love each other.

Wasn’t that the point of life? To find someone to share it with?
And if you got that part right, how far wrong could you go? If you were standing next to the person you loved more than everything else, wasn’t everything else just scenery?


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