White Night (The Dresden Files, #9) by Jim Butcher

White Night

Someone is killing magic practitioners – all young women – and makes those kills look like suicides. At the latest crime scene Harry finds an encoded message only he could have found and understood. The worst of all, all clues lead to his half-brother Thomas, and Thomas himself is nowhere to be found.

Rating: 5/5

Since the first The Dresden Files book I have been waiting for a book that would finally, finally captivate me enough to give it the highest rating (because my ratings of the series gradually and certainly went from 2 to 4 stars), and BINGO – White Night is IT! Unputdownable and so engrossing that I could not stop reading it, this story has made me ridiculously excited to read the next book in the series.

White Night 101

The book has some of the best metaphors EVER

This was the room we’d been in when a necromancer and a gaggle of zombies had put a bullet through the head of Butters’s capacity to ignore the world of the supernatural.

It is surprisingly quotable

  • …when writing a book review

I read the words, but there was an odd sense of blankness inside. I read them, understood them, but they somehow didn’t seem relevant.

  • …when you just HATE that BIACH

The reflection of light from her teeth could have left scars on my retinas.

Because an intelligent, not-successfully-hidden insult is a way to go, smart-ass.

  • …when you need to explain your need for swearing to your Mum or your boss

Hell, the whole practice of invective was developed to add extra emphasis when the mere meaning of the words alone just wasn’t enough. And I was [AM] feeling plenty emphatic.

Very emphatic indeed. And it’s not like I swear all the time, Mum, I swear!

It has very important life lessons

Just because you start out as one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t grow into something else.

You don’t leave an injured friend all alone.

It has genuinely funny, laugh-out-loud moments

Welcome, sir […] May I take your coat and… and stick?

That’s what she said.

All in all, this instalment is darker, angrier and urges you to pray to God [or to Jim Butcher] to finally get Harry Dresden laid. *fingers crossed*


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